Never use detergent to clean your hairdressing scissors !

Wipe hair and dirt from blades with a cloth or a tissue If there is a build up of hair products on your scissors, wash them with HOT water. Use surgical spirits to sterilize them, do not use detergent. Once clean, dry scissors with a clean cloth( soft chamois cloth works best) or tissue. Many colour, perming and comb sterilising solutions are corrosive and can damage the blades permanently. These hairdressing chemicals should be immediately removed using Surgical Spirits.



Open your hairdressing scissors fully and apply a small drop of scissor oil to insides of blades just behind the centre screw Spread the oil evenly along the blades with a tissue and remove any excess oil. Store your hairdressing scissors in a safe place preferrably in their original box or suitable hairdressing scissor pouch. Never leave your hairdressing scissors lying around or lend them to others(unless of course you trust them). Always have your hairdressing scissors serviced regurlarly. REGULAR MAINTENANCE EXTENDS THE LIFE OF YOUR HAIRDRESSING SCISSORS AND KEEPS THEM A JOY TO USE AND MAKES YOUR LIFE A LOT EASIER. How often you should service them depends on how many cuts you do per day,and the type of hair that you cut(i.e.long,short, naturally tough,unwashed or wet freshly washed). On average it should be every 3 to 4 months. The rule of thumb is that if you think they need sharpening, they more than likely do. If you want to be absolutely sure there is a very simple test that you can perform. Take a single ply tissue, wet it with a water sprayer then attempt to cut it with your hairdressing scissors, if you make a nice clean cut your scissors do not need sharpening. If they tear the tissue then it's time you called your scissor sharpener (preferrably Bladesmaster).